Wall Tie 12″

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  • Keeps racking perfectly aligned
  • Keeps warehouses safer by securing upright frames to a wall or adjacent structure
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to install
  • Hardware included

Pallet rack is strong and sturdy and can be designed to reliable hold even the heaviest loads. However, it isn’t perfect. Racking units can be subject to tipping or movement under certain circumstances, such as a forklift collision or seismic activity. To ensure racking stays stable and in one place, we recommend using wall ties. What is a wall tie?

A wall tie does exactly what its name sounds like: it secures a rack system to the adjacent wall or other structure. This feature serves to both keep racking exactly where you want it and to keep it safe from any sort of swaying or tipping that can occur in a sometimes unpredictable warehouse environment. Wall ties are an in-stock item, and ship within 24-48 hours of order placement.

If you’re only buying wall ties and no pallet racking, your shipping rate may come up high. If so, we encourage you to give us a call for a more accurate rate. One of our Pallet Rack Specialists will be happy to send you a freight rate in no time.


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Ridg-U-Rak Wall Tie 12″

Wall Ties 12″: Why You Need Them

Our pallet rack wall ties are manufactured by Ridg-U-Rak, one of North America’s leading storage systems producers. The Ridg-U-Rak wall tie 12″ features a galvanized finish that stands up to corrosion and are made of high strength steel to combat the force of forklift impacts. Wall ties are the perfect cost-effective solution for keeping your storage system in place and your personnel safe.

By securing pallet rack upright frames to the adjacent wall or other structure, wall ties play an integral role in keeping pallet rack secured and stable, along with row spacers and anchors. The low price of wall ties is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with having secured your racking and the product it supports.

Our 12″ wall ties are in stock and ship within 24-48 hours of order placement.

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