Pallet Support Bar 36″ – Pallet Racking Crossbar

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Pallet support bars, also known as pallet support bars, are an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring your product has the support it needs. Our flanged Ridg-U-Rak pallet supports can be quickly installed by placing them on two adjacent crossbeams, creating a strong support channel that spans the two beams. Typically, two pallet support bars are used per pallet position.

Not only do pallet supports provide an additional layer of support for pallets, but they also keep pallet rack cross beams “tied” together, helping to prevent any deflection or sagging the could weaken the overall capacity of the shelving level. For this reason, it’s generally recommended to have at least one pallet support in place at the midline of a beam level greater than 114″ in length.

These pallet support bars will fit beams that have a top dimension of 1 5/8” and a vertical step dimension of 1 5/8”.

*If you’re only buying pallet supports and no pallet racking, your shipping rate may come up high. If so, we encourage you to give us a call for a more accurate rate. One of our Pallet Rack Specialists will be happy to send you a freight rate in no time.


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Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Support Bar 36″

Why You Need Pallet Supports

Our Ridg-U-Rak pallet support bars offer an easy and economical way to strengthen your pallet rack beam levels and provide greater support for pallets. Ridg-U-Rak 36″ flanged pallet supports have a weight bearing capacity of 1,840 pounds per pair, making them suitable for most applications when used with the appropriate cross beams.

Pallet supports are the perfect solution for warehouse operators who need to increase the capacity of their beam levels but don’t want to outfit their racks with wire decks. Galvanized steel pallet support bars are not only stronger than plywood decking or 2″ x 4″s, but are also more durable so you’ll spend less time buying replacing your decking and more time getting work done.

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