Pallet Rack Accessories: 3.68 x 6 Shim

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  • Promote warehouse safety
  • Durable design
  • Cost-effective safety solution
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Pallet racking is usually used to store heavy loads high up in the air, so shifting and tipping of the rack system is high on the list of things to avoid in the warehouse. Occasionally, uneven flooring will threaten the stability of a pallet rack system, event if the footplate is bolted to the ground. When this happens, pallet rack shims can be used fill the gap between upright and floor, strengthening and stabilizing the frame-to-ground connection.

Pallet rack shims are thin pieces of metal that are sandwiched between footplate and floor so that wobbling and movement of the rack system are mitigated. The shim used in any given rack system should be the same dimensions as the footplate.

If you’re only buying shims and no pallet racking, your shipping rate may come up high. If so, we encourage you to give us a call for a more accurate rate. One of our Pallet Rack Specialists will be happy to send you a freight rate in no time.


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Pallet Rack Accessories:  3.68 x 6 Shim

Why You Need Them

Pallet rack footplates are designed to be bolted to the floor or ground to secure pallet rack from tipping over or moving around. Sometimes the footplate is flatter than the surface it’s supposed to be bolted to. When this happens, there can be space in between the footplate and the flooring, making for a less secure connection between racking and ground. This is where the 3.68 x 6 shim comes to the rescue.

Often overlooked among pallet rack accessories, shims function similar to the way in which putting a few playing cards under the leg of a wobbly table does. They eliminate unwanted space and minimize the risk associated with securing racking to an uneven surface.

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