48″ x 58″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

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• Wire Deck Depth = 48″
• Compatible Frame Depth = 48″
• Wire Deck Width = 58″
• Powder Coat Finish
• Capacity 2500# Uniformly Distributed
• Sold Individually – QTY 2 needed per 120″ Beam Level
• Made in the USA
• In Stock 24-48 Hour Shipping

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Pallet Rack wire decking is often one of the first products cut from a project when budgets are tight. At Pallet Rack Now, we believe pallet rack wire decking is an essential component of a standard selective pallet rack system. Standard crossbars are a reliable substitute, but the safety value added to your rack system with wire decking is irreplaceable.

The number one purpose of a pallet rack wire deck is safety. Wire decks can offer the protection your employees need from falling pallets and products in a rack system. With a fast and simple install, pallet racking wire decks can increase safety in your warehouse quickly and effectively. Order with confidence from one of the nation’s largest and most trusted stocking distributors of pallet rack and wire decking.


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48″ x 58″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

As the largest wire deck in our inventory, the 48″ x 58″ pallet rack wire deck covers the most space on a pallet rack shelf level. Fitting perfectly on 48″ deep pallet rack upright frames, this deck is easy to install, and simply drops into place on a 48″ deep rack system. In addition to complying with local fire codes, our 48″ x 58″ deep wire deck will also increase the lighting in your warehouse, especially compared to a warehouse with solid wood shelving. It will also add safety, as the decks act as an added safety level when a pallet is misplaced on a rack system. Often times, forklift drivers will either drive in too far on a rack system or not far enough, and these decks act as a safety net when this happens. The decks have 4 cross support channels that add capacity to the deck, offering 2500# capacity over evenly distributed weight.

Our heavy duty pallet rack decks are powder coated and manufactured in the United States. The four cross-support channels rest in standard 1 5/8″ steps of load beams and can increase the effectiveness of your sprinkler system. The engineered mesh pattern of these decks offers a high capacity, while also allowing for maximum light and water to flow through when needed. Shipping from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, our wire deck inventory is large enough to meet the demands of your project – no matter how large or small — and ships within 24-48 hours. If you have a large request, please get in touch with one of our Pallet Rack Specialists at 888-578-1578 to ensure inventory and proper handling of your large order.


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Weight 28.5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 58 × 2 in
Item #



Grey Powder Coated


RMI Standards



Wire Deck Depth (Front to Back)

48" – Fitting 48" Deep Pallet Rack Frames

Wire Deck Width

58" – Sold Individually for 120" Beams (QTY 2 Needed)



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