48″ x 192″ Pallet Rack Frame

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• Frame Depth (Front to Back) = 48″
• Frame Height = 192″ (16′)
• Standard Teardrop Design
• Capacity 25,100 @ 48″ Beam Spacing
• Made in the USA
• In stock, ships in 48 hours or less
• Teardrop design compatible with most major manufacturer’s products

Of all the warehouse rack storage products in production, selective racking the most ubiquitous in warehouses. Of the selective pallet rack that is most commonly seen in warehouses across industries, teardrop pallet rack has largely become the gold standard. Teardrop pallet rack gets its name from the “teardrop” shaped punch design in which the cross beam pins fit. Our Ridg-U-Rak teardrop uprights are compatible with nearly every other brand of teardrop pallet rack and offer a cost-effective means of improving warehouse efficiency.

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48″ Deep x 192″ High Pallet Rack Upright Frame

Ridg-U-Rak teardrop frames from Pallet Rack Now are designed to meet the expectations of users with bustling warehouses that require a strong, reliable rack storage. These frames are manufactured using roll formed steel, making them both relatively light weight and high strength. Teardrop pallet rack is more versatile than virtually any other warehouse rack product, as it is able to be adjusted on 2” increments and can easily be expanded or contracted as the needs of your warehouse inventory expands or contracts. Furthermore, our teardrop frames are compatible with nearly every teardrop pallet rack manufacturer in existence, meaning you can add it to existing racking of a different brand.

48″ x 192″ Pallet Rack Frame

At 4’ in depth, these pallet rack upright frames are able to hold standard length or longer pallets and can hold several beam levels of product per bay, making them an optimal solution for people looking to better use the wide open vertical space in their warehouse. Manufactured by Ridg-U-Rak in line with RMI safety standards, our teardrop frames made to keep both your product and your personnel safe.  6-bend upright columns provide extra support for heavy-duty storage applications, as well as heightened impact resistance. When you order 48” x 192” teardrop frames or other products from our quick ship catalog, your order will ship within 24-48 hours of the time you place your order.

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Weight 115 lbs
Dimensions 192 × 3 × 48 in
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Vista Green

Depth (Front to Back)




Frame Column Size

3" X 3"

Capacity @48" Beam Spacing


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