42″ x 96″ Pallet Rack Frame

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• Frame Depth (Front to Back) = 42″
• Frame Height = 96″ (8′)
• Standard Teardrop Design
• Capacity 16,700 @ 48″ Beam Spacing
• Made in the USA
• In Stock 24-72 Hour Shipping

With a depth that’s perfectly suited to hold standard sized pallets, 42” x 96” pallet rack upright frames rank among our most popular items. The standard depth and relatively short 8’ height make these uprights perfect for stacking standard pallets two levels high, or for use as heavy duty hand stack shelving.

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42″ Deep x 96″ High Pallet Rack Upright Frame

Whether it’s your garage, your barn or your warehouse that’s in need of heavy-duty storage, 42” x 96” pallet rack upright frames are an excellent option when you need your racking to keep a low profile. At only 8’ tall, it’s common to place a beam level at the very top of these frames and still have plenty of vertical clear space in which to store another. The frames’ 8’ height makes for ease of installation as well and makes it a mainstay in garages across the country. The Ridg-U-Rak teardrop punch hole is compatible with virtually all other teardrop pallet rack manufacturers, meaning you can mix-and-match your teardrop pallet rack beams with them as you please. Our 42″ x 96″ Pallet Rack Frame allows you make your storage system work for you, whether you’re stacking totes, pallets, tires, snowmobiles or virtually anything else the situation calls for.

42″ x 96″ Pallet Rack Frame

Ridg-U-Rak is among the most widely used teardrop pallet rack manufacturers in North America, manufacturing over 100 million pounds of pallet racking every year. As a major Ridg-U-Rak stocking distributor, we stand behind Ridg-U-Rak teardrop upright frames. With 6-bend columns, our Ridg-U-Rak uprights have the rigidity and stability you need to tackle the most demanding storage projects. 42” x 96” teardrop pallet rack upright frames are currently in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse within 24-48 of the time your order is placed.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 3 × 42 in
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Vista Green

Depth (Front to Back)




Frame Column Size

3" X 1.65"

Capacity @48" Beam Spacing


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