42″ x 52″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

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• Wire Deck Depth = 42″
• Compatible Frame Depth = 42″
• Wire Deck Width = 52″
• Powder Coat Finish
• Capacity 2660# Uniformly Distributed
• Sold Individually – QTY 2 needed per 108″ Beam Level
• Made in the USA
• In Stock 24-72 Hour Shipping

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Transform your warehouse and improve safety with 42″ x 52″ pallet rack wire decks. Wire decks promote safety in the workplace by making safe loading easier, improving visibility, adding strength, and helping comply with fire codes. Our wire decks are woven with steel wire and are designed to withstand the daily grind of warehouse use. All of our high-quality material handling products are proudly made in the USA.

You can order with confidence knowing you’re working with a trusted name in material handling. We’ll carefully package and ship your order in under 48 hours. And, if you ever need help after placing your order, we’ll be there to answer any questions.


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42″ x 52″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

Standard pallet rack wire decking is an excellent add-on option for your pallet rack system. By promoting warehouse safety in your warehouse, your employees can rest assured knowing you are taking all things into consideration and choose to protect them from falling products and pallets. The 42″ x 52″ pallet rack wire deck increases visibility while eliminating dust and dirt buildup, also improving air circulation. Often times when insurance companies review your pallet racking, wire mesh decks can decrease your insurance premiums. Wire decking increases the effectiveness of your overhead sprinkler system compared to solid wood shelves often found in unsafe warehouses.

Measuring 42″ deep from front to back and 52″ wide from right-to-left, this heavy-duty decking is perfect for 42″ deep upright frames and 108″ or 9′ load beams. Two decks are needed per beam level so when ordering decking and cross beams together make sure to match up quantities. Example: if you are ordering 12 cross beams to make 6 shelf levels in your rack system, you will need to order qty 12 – 42″ x 52″ deep wire decks as well. With approx. 104″ cover over 108″ shelf space there is about 4″ wiggle room once the decking is in place. The three support channels work in conjunction with the waterfall design to eliminate a ton of movement once placed in the rack. As an added safety measure these decks can also be secured to the cross beams.


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Weight 21.6 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 52 × 2 in
Item #



Gray Powder Coated


RMI Standards



Wire Deck Depth (Front to Back)

42" – Fitting 42" Deep Pallet Rack Frames

Wire Deck Width

52" – Sold Individually for 108" Beams (QTY 2 Needed)



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