36″ x 46″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

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• Wire Deck Depth = 36″
• Compatible Frame Depth = 36″
• Wire Deck Width = 46″
• Powder Coat Finish
• Capacity 2500# Uniformly Distributed
• Sold Individually – QTY 2 Needed per 96″ Beam Level, QTY 3 Needed per 144″ Beam Level
• Made in the USA
• In Stock 24-72 Hour Shipping

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Transform your warehouse and improve safety with 36″ x 46″ pallet rack wire decks. Wire decks promote safety in the workplace by making safe loading easier, improving visibility, adding strength, and helping comply with fire codes. Our wire decks are woven with steel wire and are designed to withstand the daily grind of warehouse use. All of our high-quality material handling products are proudly made in the USA.

You can order with confidence knowing you’re working with a trusted name in material handling. We’ll carefully package and ship your order in under 48 hours. And, if you ever need help after placing your order, we’ll be there to answer any questions.


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36″ x 46″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

While decking alternatives may be cheaper in the long run, pallet rack wire decks usually offer a more cost-effective solution over the long haul. Their durable steel material means they need minimal maintenance and usually outlast wood decking. With a standard capacity of 2,500 pounds, they’re stronger than plywood and their 2” x 4” grid pattern allows for maximum air circulation within the warehouse. Our 36″ x 46″ pallet rack wire deck can help businesses lower insurance premiums by complying with fire codes and promote safety for personnel and product alike.

Whether your goal is to increase beam capacity, create better product visibility for order pickers, decrease insurance premiums, cultivate a culture of safety, or all of the above, we recommend our wire decks to help get you there. Made in the United States, these wire decks are produced in accordance with the industry’s strictest quality standards. We keep our 36” x 46” decks in stock so your order can ship from our warehouse within 1-2 days of the time its placed. Safety coordinator across the nation have ordered wire decking for their pallet rack system as they understand the simple but effective safety that decking adds to their rack systems. Wire decking minimizes product damage when products slip off a pallet because the decking prevents most objects from falling through the rack system. Decking can also save employees from injury when products fall off a pallet and through the rack, typically wire decking stops the product from falling through.

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Weight 15.9 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 46 × 2 in
Item #



Grey Powder Coated



Wire Deck Depth (Front to Back)

36" – Fitting 36" Deep Pallet Rack Frames

Wire Deck Width

46" – Sold Individually for 96" (QTY 2 NEEDED) & 144" Beams (QTY 3 NEEDED)



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