36″ x 34″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

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• Wire Deck Depth = 36″
• Compatible Frame Depth = 36″
• Wire Deck Width = 34″
• Long lasting powder coat finish

• Uniformly distributed weight capacity of 2600# for high caliber load support – promotes warehouse safety
• Sold Individually – 2 wire decks needed per 72″ beam level, 3 wire decks needed per 108″ beam level
• Proudly made in the USA
• All orders ship in 48 hours or less

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Improve the safety of your warehouse with pallet rack wire decking. The 36″ depth of these decks matches up with standard 36″ deep pallet rack uprights. The 34″ width, when used in twos and threes, can cover 72″ or 108″ pallet rack shelf levels. Offering a 2600# shelf capacity, these heavy-duty decks are perfect for most warehouse applications. Often found in distribution centers and other storage facilities, 36″ x 34″ pallet rack wire decks are sturdy in design and can withstand the impacts of daily warehouse use.

With a gray powder coat finish, these decks add a clean appearance to your pallet rack system while increasing safety, airflow, lighting and more. You can order with confidence knowing Pallet Rack Now is a trusted name in Material Handling. As part of our quick ship catalog, 36″ x 34″ pallet rack wire decks ship in 48 hours or less.


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36″ x 34″ Pallet Rack Wire Deck

The  36″ x 34″ pallet rack wire deck fits 36″ deep pallet rack frames and is compatible with standard 72″ and 108″ load beams. Two wire decks are needed for a 6′ beam level and three decks are needed to fit on a 9′ level. The three channels on our standard 36″ x 34″ deck provide a capacity of 2600# under uniformly distributed loads. This capacity rating allows the wire decks to perform in heavy-duty applications and provides greater support for pallets than plywood or pallet support bars.

Installing wire decking offers several benefits, including increased safety for forklift drivers and employees, improved air circulation, reduced dirt buildup, better visibility for inventory inspection, and increased sprinkler effectiveness to name a few. When ordering 36″ x 34″ wire decks for 6′ beams, you can simply match the quantities of beams and decks because two decks and two beams are required per beam level. When ordering decking for 9′ load beams you need to take your beam quantity and multiply it by 1.5. For example, if you have 10 cross beams you’ll need to order 15 wire decks to fill the 9′ beam levels.


Additional information

Weight 13.7 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 34 × 2 in
Item #



Grey Powder Coated


RMI Standards



Wire Deck Depth (Front to Back)

36" – Fitting 36" Deep Pallet Rack Frames

Wire Deck Width

34" – Sold Individually for 72" (QTY 2 NEEDED) & 108" Beams (QTY 3 NEEDED)



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