Now Available: Pallet Rack Accessories

Frustrated by unstable racking? Forklifts denting your uprights and your bottom line? Looking to upgrade from using 2″ x 4″s on your beam levels?

Pallet Rack Accessories

We heard your feedback and requests, and are excited to announce that we’ve added a full line of pallet rack accessories to our online catalog. We now offer multiple sizes of column protectors, row spacers, pallet support bars, wall ties, and shims. All of these products are add-ons you can use to make your pallet rack system safer, more efficient, or, as is often the case, both. You’ll find pallet rack accessories in the same place you can find our uprights, beams and wire decking in the PRN online catalog. Read on to learn more about each of these new products and what they can offer your warehouse operations. Reminder: when ordering, keep in mind there are various sizes and prices for each product.

Column Protectors

ramguard-column-guardEven for the most careful warehouse operators, safety needs to be the top priority. Employees, product and racking are all exposed to risks each and every day as part of their job. Column protectors will help keep all three safe at once. Their job is to protect the upright frames from common forklift impacts that can compromise the weight capacity and integrity of the pallet racking. Virtually every warehouse will come across a forklift-upright frame collision at some point. With column protectors, you’ll greatly decrease the chance of damage being done to your forklift operators, inventory and upright frame columns. Here at Pallet Rack Now we offer both 18”, and 24” column protectors, depending on your pallet rack system size.

RamGuard Column Protector 12”
Featuring a unique rubber-coated metal design, RamGuard is among the toughest and most effective column protectors on the market. It deflects high impact collisions, leaving your racking in-tact and structurally sound.

Requires no hardware — simply snap onto upright columns
• Absorbs more potential energy than plastic or metal column protectors
• Reduce peak stress in a column by 72%

Accidents happen, and often they’re unavoidable. The best way to deal with a forklift collision is to install column protectors and stop it before it happens.

Pallet Support Bars

Need a little extra support in your pallet rack system? Pallet support bars, also known as crossbars, increase the capacity of your beam levels while providing a sturdy surface for pallets. Pallet supports prevent beam deflection (bowing out under stress) by keeping beams tied together, and are stronger than plywood or wooden beams. Because of their ability to do this, as well as their cost-effectiveness, it’s recommended to have at least one pallet support bar in place at the midline of a beam level greater than 114” in length. Pallet supports are easy to install and require minimal hardware.

Our Ridg-U-Rak flanged pallet support bars have a weight capacity of 2,990 pounds per pair, providing a heavy-duty pallet storage solution when used in combination with crossbeams. Need to comply with fire codes? Pallet support bars promote airflow and sprinkler access throughout the warehouse, making them significantly safer and more likely to comply with codes than wooden decking.

Row Spacers

pallet-rack-row-spacer-6With five different sizes in stock, we have the size of row spacer you need to meet your storage needs. Row spacers allow you to connect two rows of back-to-back pallet rack, stabilizing the rack system and keeping it perfectly aligned. Ridg-U-Rak row spacers are made of galvanized steel and manufactured to last, withstanding the high impact conditions common to the daily warehouse grind.

Besides stabilizing racking and aligning pallet rack runs, our row spacers:
Feature a galvanized finish
• Are a cost-effective value add
• Are RMI certified
• Help create a safer warehouse environment
When the height-to-depth ratio of a pallet rack system is higher than what’s allowed by RMI standards, row spacers can be used to join two rows of racking together, creating a wider, more stable base and a safer rack system.

Wall Ties

wall-tie-12Wall ties are used similarly to row spacers, but create a rack-to-wall connection rather than a rack-to-rack connection. They’re extremely useful for securing upright frames to the wall adjacent to the pallet rack system. In doing this, they add a significant amount of stability to the rack system, which will now be anchored from two different angles. As we mentioned above, forklift collisions with racking are unfortunately common. Wall ties decrease the chances of damage and possible rack collapse should a collision between a lift truck and pallet racking take place. Wall ties are in stock and available in 5 different sizes, allowing you to choose exactly how far away from the wall you want your system.



Pallet Rack Accessories: 3.375" x 4.75" Shim

Pallet racking is designed to hold a lot of weight, and that’s usually exactly what it’s used for. It’s easy to imagine, then, why it’s so important to make sure racking is as securely connected to the ground as possible. When installing a pallet rack system on an uneven floor, shims are used under the uprights to ensure the pallet rack footplate is plum with the floor. Most pallet rack applications are in warehouses, which can become weathered with use and old age. It’s vital before installing your racking that you check the warehouse for areas where shims might be needed. Using shims could protect your racking from collapsing, providing protection for your people, your product, and your business.

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